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Pros and Cons of Using an AI Writing Tool

Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tools such as have been gaining momentum for using machine learning, algorithm and artificial intelligence to help marketers and businesses create content, often quicker (and cheaper!) than a copywriter. So, if you’re thinking of investing in an AI copywriter to generate content for your business, here are the pros and cons.

How does an AI writer works?

Tools such as work via a combination of machine learning, algorithm, behavioural learning and artificial intelligence to create written content such as blog posts, social media captions and website copy. Users of AI tool can create content by plugging in fields such as keywords, topics and tone of voice. Then AI will then generate the content based on the user-generated fields.

What are the advantages of using AI writing tools?

To start of with, it is fast.

The biggest advantage of using an AI writer is that it allows time-poor business owners to generate lots of content quickly. All a user needs to do is type in the topic, a few key words, and the AI writer will generate a full blog post, often within minutes. Not even the world’s fastest human copywriter can compete with that!

It’s easy to create SEO-focused content

Most AI writers work off the Predictive Performance Model. Given AI can glean content off the World Wide Web, the AI writer is also programmed to generate effective content for the user, such as content that is SEO-focused. Therefore, it is easy and quick for users without SEO knowledge to create great content for search engines, without the necessary SEO knowledge or training.

AI writers help to save time

The speed at which AI writing tools generate content allows users to dedicate the time they would otherwise spend on researching and writing the topic, into doing other things. In a time-poor, DIY business culture, this is the main reason that AI writing tools are gaining traction and going mainstream.

So far, AI writing tools seem to be a god-send. However, not everything is perfect (at least not yet). Here are some of the downsides to AI writing tools:

AI writing tools are not always reliable

AI writing tools generate content via the data that it receives from the user. The end product and content that is generated are only as good as the data it receives. Therefore, it is not always reliable.

Users will have to edit and proofread

Given the content generated by AI writing tool is not always reliable, users will have to dedicate extra time to edit and proofread the content for accuracy. This usually cancels out the time being saved. Now that demand and knowledge of AI writing tools have increased, subscription prices for these tools have also increased, negating the initial cost-saving economics advantages of these tools.

Readers might notice you are using an AI writing tools

AI writing tools are still a long way from perfecting the human tone and nuanced contextual communication. More often than not, the tool generate content that sounds the same for different users. If your competitor is also using an AI writing tool, the tone and voice of their content might sound just like your content. This will come across as unprofessional for your clients, and it might make your business lose its competitive advantage.

So, what is my takeaway?

It is easy to think that as a copywriter (a real-life one!) I am completely dismissing the merits of AI tools. Not at all! But I think not all all types of content is suitable for AI-generated copywriters. If you have some writing and SEO training, and you are happy to dedicate the time to edit and proofreading, AI-generated copywriter can be a great time-saver for contents such as social media posts that require a quick turn-around.

However, it is you, your story and your special it factor that makes your business stand out amongst hundreds and thousands of others who are selling the similar product or solutions as yours. Your voice and your unique brand is what will attract your customers… and that is something that an AI -generated writer cannot replicate.

Rather than having a faceless machine write your copy, I will write copy that sounds like you and how you want to represent your business. I do that by taking the time to learn about your business and tone of voice that captures your potential customer, so they will open their heart and buy your products and solutions.

Have a campaign or project coming up? I would love to discuss how my copywriting can help you convert readers into customers. Contact me here.

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