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Monthly update: what I'm reading, listening, and general thoughts.

It’s unbelievable that we are about to head into Q4 of 2023! I’m eagerly awaiting for the weather to warm up and spend more time outdoors. The Currently series is a short monthly update about what is happening in my world, what I’m reading, what I’m listening and general musings about my experience and journey as a micro business owner.

What I’m Reading

I’m currently reading The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin. This book was recommended to me by one of the ladies at Women Wealth WordPress. I love music and Rick Rubin is a legendary producer, which attracted me to the book. It’s one of those books that is a slow read and the writing style is…cryptic. So I’ve just been reading and absorbing whatever I can as I go. Ever since I read the book, I’ve become more mindful of the content I create and consume. I am aware of the tendency to follow social media trends just to stay relevant or because others in my industry are doing it. Instead, I plan on being true to myself and following my intuition and creative feelers.

What I’m Listening

I’m loving the Rach Reflects podcast at the moment. Hosted by Rachel Lim, the founder of one of Asia’s well-loved fashion label, Love Bonito, Rach Reflects has a stellar line-up of guests such as Bill Burnett from Designing Your Life and writer Yung Pueblo. The podcast covers everything from entrepreneurship, women leadership, parenting, self-improvement, wellness, marriage and even fertility. Rachel is vulnerable yet articulate, and I always learn something from her podcast episodes.

Podcast aside, some of my favourite tunes lately that has been accompanying me while I work on your creative and content are:

  1. Desire by Sam Smith and Calvin Harris – WHAT. A. BANGER. The beats and Sam Smith’s sultry, velvety voice… *chef’s kiss* Stefan, my four-year-old and I head-bop to this on the way to his kinder drop-off in the mornings just to hype us up, and it definitely gave us feel-good hormones.
  2. Wait a Little Longer by Snoh Allegra – A complete different vibe from Desire, this is such a chilled tune. If you love Sade or Alicia Keys, you’ll love Snoh Allegra. She has such a chilled vibes and her chilled R&B music is my soothing company in late nights and early mornings.
What I’m Enjoying

Work aside, I’ve also picked up photography again as a hobby. I used to do a bit of street photography when I lived in Melbourne CBD, but not so much after we started saving for a wedding, house, and having a baby. They said motherhood is like being an adolescent all over again, so on my fourth year of motherhood, with a bit more time, I’m rediscovering photography. I took my camera to a car show in Fitzroy where there were some amazing vintage European cars on display, including a few from the private collection of Australian billionaire, Lindsay Fox. Here are some of the happy snaps from the day.

What I’m Working On

I’m currently working on a host of bite-sized yet value-packed services and products that are affordable, yet will help you save so much time from having to create content from scratch. I’m loving the process thinking about avatars and exercising some wild creative muscles. Creative juices aside, there will also be some DIY resources as well, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for this.

What’s Coming in September?

Sincerely Yours podcast will be back mid-September! I’ll be immersed in recording and editing in the next week few weeks. This time around, I’ve invited specialists from the areas of money mindset, cybersecurity and even a business owner to share their journey and their expertise. We’re still sticking to a fortnightly schedule, so definitely head over to Apple Podcast or Spotify and follow the show to be notified when a new episode is live. If you’re new around here, take a listen to Season 1, which covers everything from email marketing to TikTok to SEO.

On the business-front, I’ll be starting the web design onboarding process for an overseas client. It’s very exciting as their website is long overdue for an upgrade. it’s a bit technical, but I already have the pages and concept layout in my head. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this project and share with you in due time.

Are you thinking about redesigning your website, creating an email funnel or have an upcoming campaign? I would love to have a chat with you. As we move into the final quarter of 2023, there are only a few more slots for a full web design project to go live by the first week of December. So, if redesigning your website is a task you have been putting off, please reach out. Imagine heading off into the Christmas holidays knowing you’re coming back in the new year with a fresh new website you’re proud off. Let’s get the ball rolling!

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