A Perfect Plan

The Brief

Nina Witenden, a Sydney-based business team coach and founder of A Perfect Plan, required branded business stationeries that she can use to create slide decks to pitch her business, coaching workshop content, coaching plan, proposals etc. In addition, she also requires the design of a suite of facilitator cards as props for her workshops.

The Solution

  • Digital pitch deck (MS Powerpoint and PDF)
  • Pitch deck template (MS Powerpoint)
  • Letterhead (MS Word Template)
  • Proposal template (MS Word Template)
  • Workshop plan document (MS Word)
  • Gift Certificates (PDF editable template)
  • Facilitator Card Deck/Values Cards (Print Collateral)

The Strategy

Nina already has a brand and style guide, and this project is about honouring and enhancing her brand. We introduced a new gradient colour bar in the brand design to signify transformation, movement and lightness, in conjunction with Nina’s work in coaching people to become their best selves!

In our design process, we recognise the need for Nina to tailor her content to each customer. Therefore, we considered the importance of DIY elements in our designs and the systems that Nina would use to create her content. We made quickly editable templates in MS Word and MS PowerPoint that look polished and professional and reflect Nina’s brand.

The end product is a suite of business stationeries for Nina out-of-the-box that has a cohesive look with her logo and existing branding yet effectively communicates Nina’s expertise and service offering in the team and individual coaching.

The Feedback

“I’m so grateful I met Sam from Sincere Copy, I was looking for someone to help me with graphics, and I did try some other companies prior. What sets Sincere Copy apart is the time Sam takes to understand you and your business and your offering. Sam first designed my gift cards, which were absolutely next level. and since she has designed my values cards, powerpoints and some other tools. How I feel she gets it so right; before we met online she looked up my website, she understood my objective and my ‘why’, but she clarified her understanding, and she continues to do so on every job. I trust her so much, which is huge when engaging someone to represent you and your offering.”

Nina Witenden, Coach and Founder, A Perfect Plan

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