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How to Free Yourself From Limiting Money Beliefs and Design The Life You Want with Stephanie Menere from Penny School

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Our relationship with money is often influenced by how we are raised. As business owners, we might be passionate about serving, undercharging for our time and approaching burnout. We feel stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of “churn and burn”. If this sounds like you, this episode is just for you.

Stephanie Menere, director of Stephanie Menere Consulting and Penny School, takes us through common money misconceptions that often hold us back from achieving our financial goals. She shares her self-discovery journey from burnout to creating a beautiful business that helps women transform their relationship with money.

Stephanie goes beyond traditional financial advice. She explores the psychological and emotional aspects that affect our money relationship, shedding light on how societal conditioning can shape our money beliefs.

Stephanie also shares practical tips and actionable steps to reframe your mindset around money. Her approach encourages us to view money as a powerful tool for creating our desired lifestyle. We discuss how NFT tapping is a powerful complementary tool to aid in our money relationship transformation, why everyone should have a coach and how to start creating a life of ease that attracts abundance.

Whether you’re struggling with financial anxiety, seeking to improve your financial literacy, or simply looking for inspiration to take control of your financial future, this episode with Stephanie Menere is a must-listen.

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