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Letting Go to Grow: How Strategic Outsourcing Focused on Values Built a Profitable Business for Sue McGary, Founder of French Affair

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In this episode, the founder of the beautiful European table linen business French Affair, Sue McGary, generously shared her journey to growing her business, from operating her market stall to building a profitable e-commerce and pop-up market business. Sue shares:

  • how strategically outsourcing helped transform her business
  • how she keeps her values and mission alive in her business while outsourcing
  • tips on finding the right outsourcing partners and budgeting for outsourcing
  • what is the reticular activating system, and how has it helped Sue reframe her thinking about challenges and solutions
  • the importance of finding joy in things we do

If you’re after some beautiful European table linens, Sue kindly offers 10% off French Affair items for a limited time. You can use the code SY10 at checkout.

Connect with Sue at:

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